Spring 2022

Aquaculture Technician
(full-time & casual roles available)

  • About you: Can work independently + as part of a team, quick learner, self-motivated, attention to detail, good computer + communication skills, and able to cope with varying climate in a physical role. Ability to work flexible hours with flexible duties depending on the season’s demands (busy season is Spring/Summer), including some weekends + public holidays. Science/Aquaculture degree, and experience with animals/farming + living in an isolated area are advantageous.

  • The successful applicant will be involved in all aspects of the day to day operations of the farm, including but not limited to: Following SOPs in fish husbandry, harvesting, routine cleaning, monitoring + recording data, health checks, sales + transport, and general maintenance of farm equipment.

  • $25+/hr depending on experience. Usual working hours are 8am-5pm with a 1 hr unpaid lunch break. Own reliable transport is required, as we are in an isolated location. Must have the right to work in Australia with no limitations.

To apply please submit a one-page cover letter and your resume outlining your work experience and referees to [email protected].

Our mission

At Uarah Fisheries, our core mission is to sustainably and efficiently produce premium quality Murray cod table fish and native fish fingerlings. We strive to be leaders in the Murray cod table fish and native fish fingerling industries, both in terms of operational scale and market reach, as well as in product quality, technology, people and sustainability. We seek excellence in all aspects of what we do, and look for innovation, teamwork and commitment from our organisation, management and employees. We believe in providing the best quality product and service to our customers and partners, and we aim to extend the market reach of our industries to the global scale using methods that are best-suited for each market.

Our values
What it means to work at Uarah Fisheries

  • We are hard-working and persistent. We help each other grow, learn and excel. Together, we strive to improve. Our goal is excellence and the perennial production of the best quality product possible. We strive to be industry leaders, each and every year.

  • We are people from various walks of life, united by an enjoyment of working together and a passion for quality. We provide various opportunities for our employees, including many pathways for career development. As an organisation, our value is in our people.

  • Our history was built on courage and innovation. Even more so today, we seek these qualities and feedback from every level. Ours is a culture of improvement and optimism. Innovation and development is a challenge that we have readily accepted for over 40 years, and this remains just as true today as it did in 1977.

  • We are passionate about producing the best quality fish we possibly can. We believe in, and truly care about, our team members, our organisation, our product, our customers and our partners. We are entirely committed to reaching our potential as an organisation and to helping Australian aquaculture reach its potential as an industry.

  • We value our staff like family. We work together throughout each level to provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, contractors and all visitors to our premises.

  • We do not believe in industry rivalry. We strive to work with our industry partners to further develop and improve the industry and expand the market for our products. We work together with governments and research organisations. Since the 1980’s we have regularly contributed to research and development by the scientific community.

  • For over 40 years since our formation, community engagement has been one of our central values. We are responsible neighbours. We assist and work with local and regional communities and organisations, and strive to provide a better environment for future generations.

  • We are ethical, transparent and communicative with our customers, our employees, our partners and everyone else. We are honest, upfront and considerate at every level and in all our dealings.

  • We strive to improve existing industry practices to be more sustainable and reduce waste. We aim to become even more efficient with our resources. We will continue to produce fingerlings for local restocking programs and contribute to research to support the conservation of the Murray-Darling Basin.

What we offer our employees

At Uarah Fisheries, we hope to provide all of our employees with an enriching experience that comes once in a lifetime. With a vibrant and energetic team, a balance of experience and technical knowledge, and led by an industry legend – the Codfather himself – there is no other experience in the freshwater aquaculture industry that can compare.

Having commenced a new investment drive and an expanded operational scope in 2015, we are currently looking for talented individuals to join our great team.

We offer various pathways to professional success, from the technical-minded operations team at our fishery Grong Grong, to the diverse and multi-skilled office team at our HQ in Canberra, and the sales-minded and multilingual representatives working with our overseas joint ventures.