Australian pioneers in aquaculture

Established in 1977, Uarah Fisheries is the world’s first modern Murray cod farm and large-scale Australian native fish hatchery. We are Australia’s premier producer of high quality Murray cod table fish for the restaurant and wholesale sectors, and native fish fingerlings for conservation programs in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Our farm and hatchery adjoins the pristine waterways of the Murray-Darling Basin, and we source our water from the snow-fed Murrumbidgee river catchment. We have full control over our entire production cycle from the nurturing of brooding stock to the hatching of larvae and the production of table fish. This allows us to ensure the selection of the highest quality table fish and fingerlings for delivery all year round.

While we are pioneers, we are a forward-looking organisation in a rapidly-growing industry. For 2017 onwards, we have set our sights on developing more sustainable fish husbandry and farm management techniques, and building a global market for Australian freshwater fish.

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The fish of the Murray-Darling Basin

Murray cod, golden perch and silver perch are Australia’s iconic freshwater species, central to our history and culture. Yet their numbers have drastically decreased since the 1950’s due to overfishing, loss of habitat and conflict with introduced species. In the 1970’s, Uarah Fisheries and other restocking hatcheries were established to save these iconic species. Thus began Australia’s native fish aquaculture industry.

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The Murray cod industry

In this 2012 video documentary, aquaculture journalist Jereme Lane investigates Australia’s Murray cod industry.

Featuring Ian Lyall of the NSW Department of Primary Industries and our very own Bruce Malcolm, the “Codfather” of modern Murray cod aquaculture, this video provides a detailed overview of modern Murray cod farming from breeding to maturation.

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Meet our team

Led by the Farm Manager Edward Ogilvie and helped by the legendary founder and “Codfather” of the Murray cod industry – Bruce Malcolm – the Uarah Fisheries team has worked together for many years. Balancing experience, technical ability and scientific knowledge, together we are one of the leaders of Australia’s native fish aquaculture industry.

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Why choose Uarah Fisheries

The quality of fish produced in aquaculture depends on a number of key factors, including water quality, quality of fingerlings and brooding stock, fish husbandry practices and equipment. Of these above factors, we can guarantee the highest quality of each and every one.

Our global projects

The global market is naturally the next frontier for Australia’s freshwater aquaculture industry. Australian agricultural produce is well-recognised across the world worldwide as a clean, high-quality and premium-tasting product. Likewise, Australian fish is highly sought after across the world.

In 2015, we commenced on our first joint venture project overseas – targetted at the Asia-Pacific market and centred on the vibrant southern Chinese province of Guangdong. Since then, we have continued to engage with overseas organisations, government bodies and businesses to supply fish, knowledge and technical assistance tailored as vertically-integrated solutions to local aquaculture needs.

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What people are saying about us

What industry experts say

"Australian warmwater aquaculture is relatively new but it does go back to the 1970s. One of the pioneers, a founding father if you like, is Bruce Malcolm of Uarah Fisheries at Grong Grong, about 30km east of Narrandera in NSW's Eastern Riverina."

"Murray cod is without doubt the best known fish in Australia. Over the years Bruce has made the name Uarah synonymous with this premier fish of the Murray Darling basin. His knowledge of breeding and growing techniques is second to none. That knowledge has been acquired through personal experience without any government assistance."

John Mosig
Aquaculture journalist, member of the advisory body to the State Government of Victoria on aquaculture matters, founding Secretary of the Victorian Aquaculture Council, former President of the Yabby Growers’ Association of Australia and the Warmwater Aquaculture Association

Mosig, J 2000, ‘Bruce Malcolm: the codfather’, Austasia Aquaculture, vol. 14, no. 1, pp. 22.

What researchers have found

"[T]he chemical signature of the Uarah hatchery at Grong Grong, NSW, overlapped extensively with the Darling River basin chemical signature. Thus, it would not be possible to discriminate fish produced at the Uarah hatchery in 2004 if they were stocked into the Darling River."

Murray-Darling Basin Authority
Research publication regarding the chemical signature differences between wild fish and farmed fish
The study found that, unlike the fish from other farms in the study, the fish retrieved from Uarah Fisheries could not be distinguished from wild fish based off of their chemical signatures

Crook, DA, Gillanders, BM, Sanger, AC, Munro, AR, O’Mahony, DJ, Woodcock, SH, Thurstan, S & Baumgartner, LJ 2010, Methods for discriminating hatchery fish and outcomes of stocking in the Murray-Darling Basin, Project MD741, Murray-Darling Basin Authority, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.

What seafood wholesalers say

"The Murray cod is as Australian as fish is even going to get. A freshwater fish, it has been bred and farmed by Bruce Malcolm of Uarah fisheries since 1978 in Grong Grong NSW. What started out as a restocking exercise turned into a pivotal fish farming and supply business in the 80s. Otherwise known as the “cod father”, Bruce Malcolm knows a thing or 3 about growing the best Murray cod there can be. When it comes to fresh water fish, the most common concerns relate to their flavour, specifically “muddiness” which is a reflection of their habitats. In all the years we have worked with Bruce Malcolm’s fish, we have never had feedback relating to muddiness in the flavour. His contribution to aquaculture in Australia is immense. Ask for his fish by name."

Southern Fresh Seafood
Premium fish monger supplying to Sydney's finest restaurants

Nemitsas, C 2017, instagram post, Southern Fresh Seafood, @costa_nemitsas, 23 March, viewed 31 May 2017,

What Australian chefs say

"Successful aquaculture programs have been around for some years. One of the best is Bruce Malcolm's Uarah Fish Hatchery at Grong Grong, just east of Narrandera in southern NSW. He supplies Murray cod directly to top restaurants as well as retailers at the Sydney Fish Markets. It's expensive but, as a special treat, it's well worth it."

Stefano Manfredi
Renowned Sydney chef, owner of The Restaurant Manfredi, and contributor to the Sydney Morning Herald

Manfredi, S 2010, ‘Murray darling’, Sydney Morning Herald, 23 January.