Uarah Fisheries website now live!

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Hello everyone!


Having begun development in late May 2017, we are proud to announce that our website is now LIVE!

We would like to thank everyone who had contributed, especially the operations team at Grong Grong, who provided much information, and the admin team in Canberra, who conducted the research and made the design. It was a lot of hard work implementing and touching up the layout of the website and drafting the detailed descriptions that we felt were required to give a good overview of the industry and the information we wanted to share. The journey invoked much nostalgia from us, especially Bruce, during the many trips down memory lane that we embarked on finding and reading old newspaper and journal articles – even one written by Bruce, the Codfather himself!

Please help us spread the word to your friends or anyone who may be interested in Uarah Fisheries or Australian aquaculture generally. And if there are any bugs or strange things going on, please do let us know as well.


Best Wishes,

The Uarah Fisheries team